Game Designer




Game Designer



My name is Junege Hong

but I go simply by June. 


Games can have a profound impact on our lives. No longer are they limited to just a playful hobby. More and more, games can educate children and adults, forge friendships that stretch across the globes, or bring a long-sheltered emotion to the forefront. A good game designer strives to push the boundaries on all these frontiers. I want to create games that both embody my own creative vision and craft experiences that resonate with all types of players.

Unlike similar art forms such as books, theater, and music, video games have only been around for a little while. Games and the human element of play has not, however. Harnessing the technology and advancement we've made as species, we can push the element of play to new heights. My goal is to both elevate games as both an art form and uphold their cultural significance in our lives.  


Playing, critiquing, and making both board and digital games, drawing and pixel art, reading fiction stories and writing my own, keeping up with the latest consumer electronics, WWII history, and attempting to finally become good at cooking. 







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