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   Defend the human body together!

Leukocyte is a two-player, cooperative virus busting experience. Pairs share the same computer as one player is in charge of shooting down harmful bacteria that is swarming the system in waves. The other player scurries around grabbing antibacterial ammo and loading the correct ammo types in the cannon. Communication and quick reflexes will be the key to winning!



One player grabs the ammo...

The player on the bottom screen needs to grab the correctly-colored ammo to load into the cannon using the arrow keys. They can use SHIFT to get a short burst of speed. They must scurry around the ammo dispensers to quickly grab what the other player needs. Up to 3 stacks of ammo can be carried at once, and they can all be loaded into the cannon at the same time, upon which the player on the top screen can fire the ammo. 

bottom leuko.png

...the other player fires!

Once the right ammo is loaded, the player on the top screen controls the cannon with the mousepad and fires the ammo projectile at the virus. The color of the virus remains hidden unless the player puts their reticule over it, which then reveals the color. The player must relay the information to the player on the bottom screen. Eventually, different types of viruses with erratic movement patterns emerge, so watch out!

ROLES: I designed this game with three other developers. Specifically, I modeled enemies in Maya, and developed the code which spawns enemies in specific waves with progressive difficulty, with each enemy having their own unique movement patterns. I also designed the title screen.