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Unleash the power of the dead. 

Necro is an original physical card game that features multiple player classes and a unique resource system. Necro's expansive card set features hand drawn art, and was meticulously balanced with the help of spreadsheets and rigorous play-testing.

Necro uses the graveyard as a dynamic resource to increase the strength of cards on the field. Defeated minions are not out of the game permanently-- instead, they gain even more potential power by being resurrected from the graveyard. Additionally, Necro forgoes two staples of card games - mana and card-draw. Instead, Necro employs a "spell book" that allows access to all cards, and instead restricts the number and type of cards that can be played per turn. This project was made by me and two other students. I contributed to drawing the art and helping balance and design player decks. 

Design Doc

Balancing Spreadsheet