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MGU: Friendship Frenzy




Magical Girls Unite! Friendship Frenzy is a multiplayer card game where four Magical Girls face off against the devious Dark Witch. However, a spell has been has been cast where the girls must remain silent during their turns. Careful strategy between players will be the key to their success!


Spells have to work nicely with each other

To counter the powerful Dark Witch, the players must play a variety of elemental spells. However, not all spells work together! Play a Fire spell when one of your teammates plays a Water spell, and both your attacks will fizzle out. When you can't talk, coordinating the right spells can be harder than it seems. Learn what types of cards your teammates are drafting, then plan your own hand around theirs. 

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Unleash your emotions!

When you deal enough damage to the Dark Witch, you can use powerful Emotion cards that can sway the tide of battle. Some Emotion cards can heal your teammates while others let you deal more damage per spell. Utilizing these powerful emotions will be an integral part of the battle!

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A powerful adversary

The Dark Witch has spells of her own, and she won't stop until she gets her way. These powerful hexes and curses can put a wrench in the players' plans if they don't pay attention. Plan around the Witch's conditions and punishments to see you and your friends through. 

Click through the cards to see more samples. 

You can get a better sense of Magical Girls Unite! Friendship Frenzy by downloading through the links below. MGU: FF is undergoing balancing changes and tweaks, so please any feedback on design issues will be appreciated! (Note: large file downloads. Please be patient.)

This game was a solo endeavor by me, trying to fulfill my goal of making a unique, cooperative card game. 

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