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Dragon Age: Roleplaying Adaptation

Dragon Age: Roleplaying Adaptation


A shared experience through chat

This is my fan-made, personal adaptation of Bioware's popular role-playing series Dragon Age adapted into a more traditional Dungeons & Dragons-like experience where players create their own character and venture through Game-Master created scenarios. Unlike traditional D&D however, I designed this role-playing game to be experienced online through a text-based chat channel such as Skype or Discord. As such, much of the game design is based around the assumption that not all players will be able to play at once simultaneously. While in traditional roleplaying games, groups usually set aside a specific time to play through a campaign. With this adaptation, the expectation is that players can commit a little bit of time every day to further their narratives or scenarios. To facilitate this, many of the game's scenarios are designed for 1-3 people, and not expected to be completed in one sitting, usually. 

Players can embark on missions, which are usually done in groups, while the rest of the players are in a 'down-time' state where they can control their characters in the game's main hub setting. Combat is usually reserved only for missions, while the hub setting is used for players to enjoy role-playing their characters and exploring the setting, preparing for their next mission by buying items and weapons, or furthering their relationship with one of the GM-controlled NPC characters. 

You can view the documentation for this game on Google Docs at the button link below, which contains several other links containing information for different parts of the game. There is also a companion web site that hosts similar information. 

What makes it Dragon Age?

As a big fan of the video game series, I desired to simulate as many aspects as possible that were present in the game to this adaptation.  The setting of the game takes place during the first game of the series, Dragon Age: Origins, and takes place across the continent from where the first game's protagonist makes their journey. 

Characters become Grey Wardens and must protect the town of Val Chevin, an Orlesian city at risk of the Blight. Characters can choose 3 classes that are mainstays in the series: Warrior, Mage, and Rogue. Companions are also present in this game, controlled by the GM, and players can facilitate relationships with them as well using the Friendship/Rivalry system found in Dragon Age II. 

Skill checks, skills, and abilities all take inspiration from actual skills in game, as well as class specializations. Idle 'banter' conversations that are favorites among the series' fans are simulated through Support Conversations.