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Forgetful Friends



Forgetful Friends

Forgetful Friends is a game about the high school reunion of William Henry Harrison High. Each players will act out a persona, determined by a combination of an occupation, personality, and quirk. Players' acting skills are put to the test as they try to decipher other player's characters and demonstrate their own. This game was made in collaboration with Duy Lam and Sam Leiman, all of us working as designers.  


Randomly Generated Personality

Strange combinations of jobs and personality traits can enhance repeated play sessions and enjoyment. One game you may end up as a renowned sushi chef, or a cynical yoga instructor with a penchant for bad jokes. 


Playing your Role

Reunions can be awkward in real life, but in Forgetful Friends you can feel free to interpret your character in your own way. Improvisation and quick-witted acting will be the keys to your success.