Game Designer


Short stories and other works. 


"The year 2110 A.D. was a turning point for planet-- indeed, even hearing the number itself brings to mind the havoc wrought by the Rising."

Nautilus is a interactive text-adventure written by myself and Evan Schmidt in the Inklewriter program. It takes place in a post-icecap melting world where the Earth's oceans have significantly expanded. You are chosen for a special summer program that deals with underwater exploration, and are thrust on a mission your very first day. However, in the deep abyss, things can go wrong very quickly... You can read the story here.

The Way You Looked at Me

"Occasionally, Lila’s eyes looked up to glance at her desk mate, and when Haley’s eyes darted up as well, and their gaze met for the shortest kind of forever before they both ducked their heads back into their studies, suppressing their giggles." 

A short story about Lila, whose first encounter with her friend Haley at a young age leaves an impression that lasts-- one that Lila tangles with throughout her youth and beyond. You can read the story here. 


"She would leap with one foot, leap across the stage, almost effortlessly. Every movement was precise and graceful, as every step connected to the next like flowing water. The way she would glide from one end of the stage to the other, it was as if her presence alone commanded attention, that the air itself yielded and let her move without any resistance." 

A short work about a young man who is entranced by a woman on stage, and the memories he would cherish. You can read the story here. 

We Have a Winner

"Blunt adjusted his glasses. 'I agree. It does not take skill. But it does take knowledge. Or a massive amount of pure luck. But to win the biggest recorded jackpot to date of 1.6 billion dollars would take too much luck for me to believe that was the sole factor.' "

We Have a Winner is a short story about a man who wins the largest lottery ever in recorded history-- and in doing so, discovers a terrifying secret. You can read the story here. 


"Sometimes, I think it'd be a lot easier if everyone you saw had a number over their heads that would tell you how well you would get along with them. You'd be able to weed out the people who you wouldn't like, and have fun with people you would."

An autobiographical interactive fiction story written in Twine focusing on one summer of my youth where I struggled with a certain friend. You can download the game here. 


"For others, ice cream was a fun dessert on a hot day. For Joseph, it was art."

A short, silly story about the rage of an ice cream man. You can read the story here.